Setting Up Your New Place

When we found out we were moving, our first instinct was to figure out what we were going to do with all of our stuff. We weren't sure how to cope with the amount of belongings that we had, so we started looking around for a storage facility in the new city that could help. After a brief search, we were able to find a facility that really worked well for what we needed. They were fantastic to work with, and we loved being able to have a spot where we could stash things. I wanted to create a new website dedicated to setting up a new home, so you know what you are up against.

Tips For Moving In The Snow


If you're scheduled to move out of your home during the winter, you may have concerns about how to get the job done when it is snowing outside. Here are some tips that will help you get through the move.

Place Everything In Your Garage

It is a good idea to place as many things as you can in your garage as you start packing up for the big move. You won't be able to park your car in the garage for a few days, but it will make loading the moving truck well worth it. You can back the moving truck right up to your garage and then quickly load the truck without having to walk in and out of your home through the snow.

You'll want to place items in your garage just like you would put them in a moving truck so that it can be loaded accordingly. This means placing the heavy boxes closest to the garage door so they go in first and are placed in the rear of the truck. Light boxes that go on top of the heavy boxes can be placed in the middle of the garage. Place large furniture near the rear of your garage so they go on the moving truck last.

Bring A Shovel With You

If you're moving to a home that hasn't been occupied in a while, chances are that the driveway and walkways are covered in snow. If the home is very far away, it also makes it impossible to drive to the home the day before and shovel the driveways and walkways. You'll need to have a shovel on hand so that you can clear the path for moving items in and out of the new home. Make sure you pack your shovel last so it is close to the rear door of the moving truck and easy to get to.

Use Plastic Floor Covers

You're going to be doing a lot of walking in and out of your new home with wet shoes, which is why you want to purchase plastic floor covers and make a path throughout the home before you start moving things in. If there is a protected path where you can bring in boxes and furniture without stepping off the plastic, you'll protect your floors from all of the wet foot traffic. When the move is done, you can take off the plastic floor covers and throw them away.

Looking for more tips on how to move during the winter? Reach out to a local moving company like Men On The Move for assistance. They can handle this job for you so that you are not moving boxes through the inclement weather.


28 November 2018